Are police uniforms different in every state?

The State Government's jurisdiction includes the police of each state. The administrative decision about the police uniforms, its design, etc., rests with the State's DG of Police. The MHA, Government of India have no influence on this.

All over India the uniform shade is Khaki except for Kolkata, where the police wears white uniform (If you want to know the reason behind the white uniform please go to our previous blog). Although the uniform shirt and pants are standardised across every state, the shoes, waist belts, peak caps patterns are the items that differ from State to State Police.

For most of the Indian Police, Khaki is not just a colour but has become a part of their culture. Over the years the colour has earned a preventive power in any given situation. In case a road side altercations and scuffles, flash of Khaki helps in controlling the situation.

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