Deepak Chaudhary - UP Police

Ahhhhhh chor! chor!
It was a sunny day when UP police constable Deepak Chaudhary (Uttar Pradesh Police) heard a scream from a nearby ATM. One person, while pretending to help a lady with a cash withdrawal, snatched the money and tried to escape. PC Deepak immediately sprang into action and started chasing the thief. He had just caught the offender when out of nowhere a bike hit him and sent him sprawling on the floor. Turns out the thief had an accomplice!
Undaunted, Deepak jumped back up and pursued the thieves on his own bike. After a daring chase through the streets, he caught them and made sure they were convicted of their crimes and sent to jail.
Moral of the story - Crime does not pay, especially when brave officers like Deepak are around!