One Nation, One Police Uniform

The phrase "one nation, one police uniform" was proposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday. He was speaking in Faridabad, Haryana, at a summit of State Home Ministers on internal security matters.

Mr. Modi claimed that he was not forcing his opinions on the States, but that it was a concept worth considering. According to him, police uniforms ought to be subject to a brand recall similar to that for the nation's red-and-black post boxes.

"We should consider one nation, one police uniform along the lines of one nation, one ration card, one nation, one mobility card, and one nation, one sign language." The availability of high-quality goods will help the police force. Belts, hats, and uniforms would all be produced in large quantities, he claimed.

A common police uniform would ensure a recognisable identity for the police, he continued, comparable to how post boxes could be recognised from a distance even by those who were not educated.

Even though the colour khaki is frequently associated with police officers in India, different regions do have slightly varied police uniforms. There can be differences in their official appearance because state administrations and even a single force can pick what uniforms its employees wear. For instance:

  • The uniforms of the Kolkata Police are white.
  • Puducherry Police constables dress in khaki clothes and a bright red headgear.
  • Personnel with the Delhi Traffic Police wear white and blue uniforms.

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