Why do Kolkata Police wear a white uniform instead of the khaki uniform?

There must be police for the citizens' protection if there are forces for the country's security. When you think of police officers, the khaki uniform is the first thing that comes to mind.

Have you ever noticed that the Kolkata police Uniforms are white in color, whereas the police in every other Indian State wear the same khaki uniform? Ever wonder why?

The British chose white for the city's police because Kolkata is located on the coast, where there is a lot of heat and humidity, to reduce heat absorption and reflect sunlight from their uniforms.

White uniforms were introduced by the British

It is accurate to say that the British administration founded the Kolkata Police in 1845 and decided to make their uniforms white.

Because they liked the colour white. The relative humidity is a little bit higher in Kolkata because of its coastal position. White is, therefore, the better choice in terms of science. White also doesn't absorb the heat that the sun produces. Similar justifications underlie the navy uniform.

The West Bengal State Police and the Kolkata Metropolitan City Police are the two distinct categories of law enforcement in West Bengal.

In 1845, the British government created a unique police force for Kolkata and mandated that all of its police personnel don white uniforms.

Lamsden ordered that all police officers wear khaki in 1847. The Kolkata police, however, turned it down.

The argument for the refusal was that because Kolkata is an inland state without any aquatic bodies, it faces extreme heat. White is an ideal uniform colour because it reflects heat rather than absorbing it.

West Bengal's state police force now wears khaki uniforms, however in the twin cities of Kolkata and Howrah, the uniform of choice is still white.

The traditional white uniform is still worn by the police in the twin cities and a few other areas of Bengal.

The justification they offer now, however, is different from the earlier one. It is easy to distinguish which police officers work for the State Police Force and which for the Kolkata-Howrah Force.

The white police uniform is still present even after the British government has left; the scientific justification for this cannot be contested.