Our Story

We create world-class uniforms for every modern law enforcement and paramilitary professional with carefully designed fits and styles that evoke pride and purpose. They are made from the highest quality fabrics with an accurate blend of colours – to provide your work with its distinct identity.

It is not just our uniform that is unique, our merchandising model is one-of-a-kind in the law enforcement uniforms category. We have a no-minimum-order approach with a stock-and-sell model, and standardised sizing to fit most body types. This means very short delivery times, no alterations, easy top-up options all year round and no style or colour ever goes out of stock!

Why uniformer?


Flattering Style & Fit
Standard sizing does not have to mean compromise! Our gender-specific styles have been meticulously designed to look flattering on all body types while maintaining comfort and functionality.

Fastest Delivery
You don’t have to wait for weeks or months to get the best quality uniform, we stock it for you even before you might want them. Your uniform is just a click away now.
Pan India Delivery
We promise our customers quality service at their doorstep. We have partnered up with multiple delivery partners to facilitate deliveries anywhere across India.
Affordable Price
Our one-of-a-kind supply model allows us to eliminate multiple middle-men that are present when you shop from a local shop. Elimination of such middle-men as well as our scales gives us an edge when it comes to pricing.
Ever wondered what shade of colour is the right one for my uniform? We solve that issue for you by providing uniforms that abide by the rules issued by the respective government departments.
Easy Returns
You can order, try and return f you don’t like the uniform. This option is impossible if you get your uniforms stitched in your local shop. So shop from uniformer and have the flexibility to keep or return.