Mahesh Leelawat - Rajasthan Police

Officer Mahesh Leelawat, of Rajasthan Police, was on patrol when he received an emergency call, he responded and reached the emergency location within 5 minutes.
What he saw still haunts him to this day, a bus had capsized and dozens of people were stuck under the rubble!
Mahesh quickly sprang to action and rallied the growing crowd of observers which are ubiquitous at every accident site in our country.
He showed his leadership and successfully rallied the onlookers to physically pull the bus and straighten it. Mobilising 50 odd people in a matter of minutes to successfully work for the greater good is no mean feat, it was nothing short of a miracle!
However, his work was not yet done, this Rajasthan police officer quickly called the ambulance services and travelled with the injured to the nearest local hospital to ensure they were all treated urgently. Unfortunately, fate had one last cruel joke to play and the local hospital was simply not equipped to save the injured. In order to save the victims, he was in a race against time. He identified larger hospitals in the area and took the injured to the best equipped one with haste. What’s remarkable is that he kept visiting them for the next few days while each and every single one of them recovered fully.
Mahesh saved dozens of lives by mobilising people towards a greater good, by his sharp decision making and by his compassion for the wounded. Uniformer salutes his compassion and leadership.