Prince Kohli - UP Police

Ring! Ring!
The emergency alert system at the fire station suddenly blared its alarm. A panic stricken passer by reported that a huge fire had erupted in a busy shopping street in Tanda district near Lucknow. The UP Police was immediately informed.
Our brave firefighters are trained to get ready and leave the fire station within 60 seconds of receiving a distress call.
Prince Kohli of UP Police immediately sprang into action and travelled 5kms to reach the site of the fire in record time.
He and his team saw that a shop had caught fire due to a short circuit. They immediately put their training to use and used a CO2 extinguisher to contain the cause of the fire. Having switched the electricity off, they quickly switched to fighting the main flame which by then had spread to 2 shops.
They bravely fought the fire through the heat and smoke and succeeded in killing it.
The damage to 2 shops was severe but they saved many people and the entire market from going up in flames.
They administered first aid to anyone who needed it and informed all the residents about how to stay cautious and prevent fires in the future.
Uniformer salutes the hard work and grit displayed by our nations firefighters. To perform your duty with such grit and determination, make our police uniform a part of your journey.