Why does Indian Navy wear a white uniform?

One of the most powerful forces on Earth is the Indian Navy. Every year on December 4, Indian Navy Day is observed. White is often associated with tranquilly, yet in the navy, it represents strength and authority. The naval outfit stands out from the rest of the throng and looks stunning. The Indian Navy is also proud of its all-white uniforms for both men and women. The uniform comprises navy white and gold-glow stripes. When the first uniform regulation was established for officers in 1748, the royal uniform of the navy was created. The Royal Navy's uniform is primarily navy blue and white.

There are numerous justifications for the Navy's use of white uniforms.

Cotton was a commonly used material for making clothes that were white in colour in ancient times. Additionally, navy is one of the oldest global professions.. As a result, the marines' clothing colour also became white.

Moreover, white is not a colour in the palette. The white colour is created by combining seven colours, and the white uniform denotes the blending of the seven seas. Actually, the colour white is a combination of rainbow hues.

Thirdly, the ships are not immune to electrical power outages, blackouts, or distress calls. As to provide search and rescue, white uniforms help in identification. The white uniform is clearly distinguishable in the dark and is seen from a distance against the blue backdrop of the sea in the light.

The colour white is an excellent heat reflector and keeps off the sun's wrath. Darker clothing typically absorbs more heat. The white Indian Navy uniform is still cool while the ships travel in the heat.

Lastly, health and hygiene are given top priority when travelling by sea. This goal is achievable through white uniform, dust, even a small stain, and all radiation are reflected by white. The wearing of white encourages good health.

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