Madhan Kumar - Tamil Nadu Police

uniformer brings to you a heartwarming story of a Tamil Nadu police officer. We all have a special place in our heart for our first salary. For many of us, it is the culmination of our dreams, it is a sign that we too have made it in this tough world, it is an acknowledgement of all the effort we have put in to make ourselves skilled and add value to society.
Madhan Kumar worked hard and ultimately became an officer in the Tamil Nadu Police force in 2020.
However, this was the time of the pandemic, Madhan could see countless people in need of help and he worked tirelessly to ease their suffering. After his first month on the job he finally got his first paycheck, emotions swelled within him.
He could feel the sense of achievement and his duty towards his family. But, there was another tiny voice in his mind. His conscience told him that there were others who needed the money more than him. As he thought about all the faces he had helped, all the pain he had seen, he realised the decision was actually easy.
He gladly went to the Vellore Government and donated his first salary to help tackle the Covid pandemic.
Uniformer salutes the silent sacrifice of countless officers like Madhan Kumar.