Khaki Police Jacket Full Sleeves

₹ 1,899 ₹ 4,000


Winters are the ideal time to wear this full-sleeved uniformer khaki police jacket. Your body is kept warm during work hours by the high-quality fabric with water repellent finish. With its sturdy pattern, it improves your appearance. Your head, face, and neck are shielded from the cold air by the long hood and collar. It is airtight and closed with a zip and snap latch. These characteristics combine to make it the ideal outdoor companion over your police uniform. The uniformer police jacket is a perfect complement to your police shirt and trouser, which maintains your identity with its khaki colour while keeping you warm and toasty.


  • Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only
  • Durable water-repellent coating.
  • Soft, lightweight nylon taffeta fabric with a matte finish.
  • The front closure features a YKK brass zipper and snap buttons.
  • Detachable hood with nylon cord for protection against the winter breeze.
  • Double layered insulation for extra warmth. An incredibly light down layer for everyday warmth.
  • Velcro above the right pocket to attach the name logo.
  • Shoulder straps to pin your stars to the police jacket.
  • 1-inch reflective tape on sleeves and the back of the jacket for better visibility in the shorter winter days.
  • 4 Deep Pockets with snap button and Velcro for easy carrying of equipment.
  • 1 Pocket on the right sleeve.

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