NDRF Jacket

₹ 2,999 ₹ 6,000


The NDRF Jacket is a high-performance garment designed to provide protection and comfort during emergency situations. Made from  premium quality polyamide cotton blended fabric, this jacket features multiple pockets for carrying essential items and reflective detailing for visibility in low-light conditions. The extra padding on elbows and knees as well as high visibility bands increase the functionality of the garment by providing extra protection to the wearer. The NDRF Jacket is ideal for first responders, rescue workers, and individuals in need of reliable and practical outerwear during natural disasters, emergencies, or other crisis situations.


  • Polyamide Cotton blend fabric is used with rip stop weave for durability.
  • Two chest pockets and one small pocket on the left sleeve with inverted box pleat at the center.
  • Two cross pockets at waist, two patch pockets with flaps at the sides of thigh levels and two back pockets.
  • Innovative reflective bands to increase visibility from a distance on torso, shoulders and legs.
  • Two way side fastener for the front closure.
  • Padded elbows and knees for higher strength at stress points.
  • NDRF logo on the left side of shirt as well as on the back.
  • Comfortable to wear, light weight and highly durable.

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