Paramjeet Malik - UP Police

4 ka 16! 5 ka 25!
Mr. Paramjeet, a UP Police officer and protector of Amroha village, heard this sound as he cautiously went to the location his informant had given him. The region of Amroha was notorious for illegal betting and Paramjeet knew of many families who had been destroyed by the scourge of gambling, propagated by unethical criminals. Paramjeet decided to put an end to this menace.
As soon as he entered the den, the criminal organizing the gambling saw him and decided to bolt. Paramjeet took off in hot pursuit and even hurt his leg in the process. He started bleeding but never gave up, he inched closer to his target and finally caught him!
He confiscated Rs 3 lakh in cash and even a makeshift revolver. Lord knows what damage the criminal would have done with his revolver, but the brave acts of Paramjeet made sure that nobody else would be harmed in his region.