Why do doctors wear white lab coat in hospitals?

There is no working attire as symbolic or prevalent as when a doctor dons a white lab coat, despite the fact that you may see numerous employees in a healthcare facility and they may all be dressed differently. When you encounter a doctor, you can be sure that they will be wearing a white lab coat. Those who work in health care administration or in the office performing clerical jobs may be dressed professionally. Nurses frequently wear scrubs in a variety of colours, each of which has a specific meaning. In fact, according to one survey, 72% of hospital doctors and medical students wear white lab coats, with the majority donning them more than 75% of the time.

The question remains, why does a doctor wear a white lab coat?

The main benefit of wearing white for a doctor is that it makes them more visible to patients and other medical professionals. In order to set themselves apart from the dishonest healthcare professionals who tried to peddle miracle cures and did not practise traditional, evidence-based medicine, educated surgeons and physicians started wearing white lab coats in the late 1800s. Physicians soon followed suit. These days, the justifications range from serving as a representation of expertise, honesty, and the greatest level of dedication to helping the ill and suffering. The transition from being a student to becoming a doctor begins nearly immediately after a student earns their medical degree from one of the 97% of medical schools that do a "white coat ceremony."

Patient Perspective of a Physician

The University of Michigan researchers found that a doctor's attire influences how patients evaluate their doctor and their overall satisfaction with their care after surveying 4,000 patients at 10 academic medical facilities in the United States. However, what is worn beneath the lab coat is just as important as the coat itself when considering dress. Patients saw medical professionals as more informed, dependable, compassionate, and approachable when they were dressed in a white coat rather than work clothes. Older patients over the age of 65 are considerably more likely to hold this perspective. Patients' approval and satisfaction were highest among doctors who were dressed in scrubs underneath their white lab coats. Doctors who solely wore professional clothing and no white lab coat came in third in the survey.

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