CRPF Uniform Cap - Pack of 2

₹ 499 ₹ 1,000


Get a CRPF uniformer cap to go well with your uniform. In addition to complementing your attire, it shields your head from the sun, rain, and dust. The practical Velcro fastening on the CRPF cap makes it easy to adjust the fit so that it is snug on your head and comfortable all day. Its distinctive camouflage pattern prevents it from collecting dust and debris. To safeguard your health and safety, refrain from going outside during the summer without wearing enough sun protection. While engaging in any outdoor activity, wearing this practical CRPF uniform cap will shield your skin from UV rays and keep your hair off of your face and eyes.


  • The CRPF pattern is camouflage-printed on the caps to match their uniforms.
  • Two CRPF Unisex caps come in a package, which is more than enough for daily use and replacement needs.
  • These hats are the perfect combination of windproof and sun protection due to their large front brims.
  • Cotton, the material used to produce the caps, is supple, cozy, breathable, and light in weight.
  • The cap's adjustable Velcro strap closure allows you to adjust the fit.
  • Dependable and clean
  • Excellent for both ongoing use and daily use.
  • The best materials are used to manufacture the caps in India.
  • Excellent adaptability and toughness; appropriate for casual attire.

The CRPF uniform Cap can be worn with an optional matching CRPF Uniform Jacket. Jackets can be purchased separately.
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