Rahul Jatav - Rajasthan Police

Rahul Jatav is an officer in the Jaipur Reserve Police Line who has won our hearts by showing empathy and care. He works in the administrative division of the police and has an important task of making sure the families of our officers are well taken care of. He often receives the medical bills of our brave officers who have injured themselves or passed away in the service of our nation.
One such day, he received disturbing news that the 23 year old daughter of an officer was battling cancer. The family was distraught and while trying to get her treated, they faced medical bills in Lakhs of Rupees every month.
Rahul did everything in his power to make sure that the family received all the medical support they could, every month, without fail.
His unwavering efforts resulted in an innocent life and a beautiful family being saved.
We salute the human side of our heroes in police uniform, exemplified in people like Rahul.