Why are Indian Police uniforms khaki in colour?

The Police are known not only for their profession but also for their khaki uniform. This is why we can spot police officers from a distance. The khaki color of the Indian Police uniform is its actual identity. Every police officer adores his or her uniform.

Khaki police uniform

Have you ever wondered why the color of police uniform is only khaki? Why is it not given any other colour? Let's find out. When India was under British rule, the British government introduced police personnel to keep the calm and monitor civilian movements. White was the colour of the police uniform. The colour white was associated with nobility and was strongly associated with British people. However, there was a flaw: the white colour police uniforms were readily soiled, and Britishers required cleanliness. Many police officers began to dye their uniforms in a variety of colours to keep them from becoming soiled. As a result, outfits were multicoloured and difficult to distinguish.

Sir Henry Lawrence was the North-West Frontier Governor's Agent. At 1846, he established the 'Corps of Guide Force' in Lahore. His officers had the same issue with their white-coloured police uniforms. Henry noticed an officer wearing a Khaki-colored uniform. Khaki is a dark but not too dark colour that can readily hide dirt on the uniform. Sir Henry Lawrence chose Khaki to be the official colour for Police Uniforms in 1847 after noticing the benefits of the colour. Tea leaves were once used to make the khaki colour dye, but it is now created with synthetic colours. It has a light brown and yellow colour scheme. In this way, the official Police uniform of the Indian Police Department changed from 'white' to 'khaki', which is still being used today.


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